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Languages and Voices

This document lists the languages and voices that are generally available for Mix.


Languages are specified using the following form:



For example, French can be represented as follows:

Note: Currently, you must specify the language codes for the Mix.asr and Mix.nlu URNs using 6-letter codes, as shown in the following table. This will be fixed in a future release.

Nuance Mix supports the following languages:

 Language  Language code Language code for
Mix.asr and Mix.nlu URNs
Arabic (Worldwide) ar-WW ara-XWW
Catalan (Spain) ca-ES cat-ESP
Croatian (Croatia) hr-HR hrv-HRV
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ ces-CZE
Danish (Denmark) da-DK dan-DNK
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL nld-NLD
English (Australia) en-AU eng-AUS
English (United States) en-US eng-USA
English (India) en-IN eng-IND
English (United Kingdom) en-GB eng-GBR
Finnish (Finland) fi-FI fin-FIN
French (Canada) fr-CA fra-CAN
French (France) fr-FR fra-FRA
German (Germany) de-DE deu-DEU
Greek (Greece) el-GR ell-GRC
Hebrew (Israel) he-IL heb-ISR
Hindi (India) hi-IN hin-IND
Hungarian (Hungary) hu-HU hun-HUN
Indonesian (Indonesia) id-ID ind-IDN
Italian (Italy) it-IT ita-ITA
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP jpn-JPN
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR kor-KOR
Malay (Malaysia) ms-MY zlm-MYS
Norwegian (Norway) no-NO nor-NOR
Polish (Poland) pl-PL pol-POL
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR por-BRA
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT por-PRT
Romanian (Romania) ro-RO ron-ROU
Russian (Russia) ru-RU rus-RUS
Shanghainese (China) zh-WU wuu-CHN
Mandarin (China) zh-CN cmn-CHN
Slovak (Slovakia) sk-SK slk-SVK
Spanish (Spain) es-ES spa-ESP
Spanish (Latin America) es-US spa-XLA
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE swe-SWE
Thai (Thailand) th-TH tha-THA
Cantonese (Hong Kong) cn-HK yue-CHS
Mandarin (Taiwan) zh-TW cmn-TWN
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR tur-TUR
Ukrainian (Ukraine) uk-UA ukr-UKR
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi-VN vie-VNM

Text-to-Speech (TTS) voices

Nuance Mix supports the following voices:

Note: The -Ml suffix indicates that the voice is multilingual. For example, Amelie is mainly Canadian French but can speak English in a French Canadian accent. Additional languages are listed in the Additional languages column.

 Language    Code   Voice Model M/F Additional
Arabic (Worldwide) ar-WW Laila standard F
Arabic (Worldwide) ar-WW Tarik standard M
Arabic (Worldwide) arb-146 Mariam standard F
Basque (Spain) eu-ES Miren standard F
Bengali (India) bn-IN Paya standard F
Bhojpuri (India) bho-IN Jaya standard F
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG Daria standard F
Cantonese (Hong Kong) yue-HK Sinji-Ml standard F en-GB
Catalan (Spain) ca-ES Jordi standard M
Catalan (Spain) ca-ES Montserrat standard F
Croatian (Croatia) hr-HR Lana standard F
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ Iveta standard F
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ Zuzana standard F
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ Zuzana-Ml enhanced F de-DE
Danish (Denmark) da-DK Magnus standard M
Danish (Denmark) da-DK Sara standard F
Dutch (Belgium) nl-BE Ellen standard F
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL Claire-Ml standard F en-GB
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL Xander standard M
English (Australia) en-AU Karen standard F
English (Australia) en-AU Lee standard M
English (Australia) en-AU Matilda enhanced F
English (India) en-IN Isha-Ml enhanced F hi-IN
English (India) en-IN Rishi standard M
English (India) en-IN Rishi-Ml standard M hi-IN
English (India) en-IN Sangeeta standard F
English (India) en-IN Veena standard F
English (Ireland) en-IE Moira standard F
English (Scotland) en-SC Fiona standard F
English (South Africa) en-ZA Tessa standard F
English (United Kingdom) en-GB Daniel standard M
English (United Kingdom) en-GB Kate standard F
English (United Kingdom) en-GB Malcolm standard M
English (United Kingdom) en-GB Oliver standard M
English (United Kingdom) en-GB Serena enhanced F
English (United Kingdom) en-GB Stephanie standard F
English (United States) en-US Allison standard F
English (United States) en-US Ava-Ml enhanced F es-MX
English (United States) en-US Chloe standard F
English (United States) en-US Evan enhanced M
English (United States) en-US Evelyn standard F
English (United States) en-US Nathan enhanced M
English (United States) en-US Nolan standard M
English (United States) en-US Samantha standard F
English (United States) en-US Susan standard F
English (United States) en-US Tom standard M
English (United States) en-US Zoe-Ml enhanced F fr-CA
Finnish (Finland) fi-FI Onni standard M
Finnish (Finland) fi-FI Satu standard F
French (Belgium) fr-BE Aude standard F
French (Canada) fr-CA Amelie-Ml enhanced F en-GB
French (Canada) fr-CA Chantal standard F
French (Canada) fr-CA Nicolas standard M
French (France) fr-FR Audrey-Ml enhanced F en-GB
French (France) fr-FR Aurelie standard F
French (France) fr-FR Thomas standard M
Galician (Spain) gl-ES Carmela standard F
German (Germany) de-DE Anna-Ml enhanced F en-GB
German (Germany) de-DE Markus standard M
German (Germany) de-DE Petra-Ml enhanced F en-GB
German (Germany) de-DE Viktor standard M
German (Germany) de-DE Yannick standard M
Greek (Greece) el-GR Melina standard F
Greek (Greece) el-GR Nikos standard M
Hebrew (Israel) he-IL Carmit standard F
Hindi (India) hi-IN Kiyara-Ml enhanced F en-IN
Hindi (India) hi-IN Lekha standard F
Hindi (India) hi-IN Neel standard M
Hindi (India) hi-IN Neel-Ml standard M en-IN
Hungarian (Hungary) hu-HU Mariska standard F
Indonesian (Indonesia) id-ID Damayanti standard F
Italian (Italy) it-IT Alice-Ml standard F en-GB
Italian (Italy) it-IT Emma enhanced F
Italian (Italy) it-IT Federica-Ml standard F en-GB
Italian (Italy) it-IT Luca standard M
Italian (Italy) it-IT Paola standard F
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP Ayane standard F
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP Daisuke standard M
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP Ichiro standard M
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP Koharu standard F
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP Kyoko standard F
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP Mizuki standard F
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP Otoya standard M
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP Sakura standard F
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP Seiji standard M
Kannada (India) kn-IN Alpana standard F
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR Jina enhanced F
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR Sora standard F
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR Yuna standard F
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR Yuna-Ml enhanced F en-US
Malay (Malaysia) zlm-MY Amira standard F
Mandarin (China) zh-CN Binbin-Ml standard M en-GB
Mandarin (China) cmn-CN Lili-Ml enhanced F en-GB
Mandarin (China) cmn-CN Lilian-Ml standard F en-GB
Mandarin (China) cmn-CN Lisheng-Ml standard F en-GB
Mandarin (China) cmn-CN Tiantian-Ml standard F en-GB
Mandarin (China) cmn-CN Tingting-Ml standard F en-GB
Mandarin (Taiwan) cmn-TW Meijia-Ml standard F en-GB
Marathi (India) mr-IN Ananya standard F
Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) nb-NO Henrik standard M
Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) nb-NO Nora standard F
Polish (Poland) pl-PL Ewa enhanced F
Polish (Poland) pl-PL Krzysztof standard M
Polish (Poland) pl-PL Zosia standard F
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR Felipe standard M
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR Fernanda standard F
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR Luciana enhanced F
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT Catarina standard F
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT Joana standard F
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT Joaquim standard M
Romanian (Romania) ro-RO Ioana standard F
Russian (Russia) ru-RU Katya standard F
Russian (Russia) ru-RU Katya-Ml standard F en-GB
Russian (Russia) ru-RU Milena standard F
Russian (Russia) ru-RU Yuri standard M
Slovak (Slovakia) sk-SK Laura standard F
Spanish (Argentina) es-AR Diego standard M
Spanish (Argentina) es-AR Isabela standard F
Spanish (Chile) es-CL Francisca standard F
Spanish (Colombia) es-CO Carlos standard M
Spanish (Colombia) es-CO Soledad standard F
Spanish (Colombia) es-CO Ximena standard F
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX Angelica standard F
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX Javier standard M
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX Juan standard M
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX Paulina-Ml enhanced F en-US
Spanish (Spain) es-ES Jorge standard M
Spanish (Spain) es-ES Marisol-Ml standard F de-DE
Spanish (Spain) es-ES Monica-Ml standard F en-GB
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE Alva standard F
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE Klara standard F
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE Oskar standard M
Tamil (India) ta-IN Vani standard F
Telugu (India) te-IN Geeta standard F
Thai (Thailand) th-TH Kanya enhanced F
Thai (Thailand) th-TH Narisa standard F
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR Cem-Ml standard M en-GB
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR Yelda standard F
Ukrainian (Ukraine) uk-UA Lesya standard F
Valencian (Spain) va-ES Empar standard F
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi-VN Linh standard F